A Fancy WordPress Author List

Showcase the Blog authors with a fun new look to attract the visitors.

The Fancy WordPress Author List plugin as the name suggest a display list of authors in your website using widget area section.

This plugin is very simple for any user to show the author in the sidebar. Simply, just drag the author widget into the sidebar and the Fancy WordPress Author List plugin show the author in the sidebar.

What you can do with this plugin

  • Display the list of authors.
  • Clicking on author’s link, anyone can access all authors posts and profile.
  • You can sort authors according to their number, of articles, top posting author will be on top and hence you can set competition of posting articles on your web, seeing their name on top of the list will encourage them to write articles.In short, you can keep your authors satisfied by giving them equal rights and equal opportunities to come on top by using Our amazing plugin.
  • If someone hover on author’s link, then authors number of post count will be visible.
  • Limit the number of authors.
  • Responsive and support all browsers.
  • Exclude authors by username if you wish to hide the author from the list.
  • Add social media icons below the author profile.
  • Different type of effect is available on mouse hover. Rotate,Bounce,Shake. Make your author list in fancy and attractive way.