About the Plugin

Weebly to WordPress Import Plugin helps you migrate your Weebly blog to your WordPress site. It crawls your Weebly blog and creates copies of your posts, comments and categories on Weebly in your WordPress site.


  • This plugin is for blog migration only. It won’t move your static pages.
  • You need a self-hosted WP installation to install and use this plugin. It won’t work with wordpress.com hosting!
  • If you’re on a restrictive shared hosting environment (DreamHost, BlueHost, 1and1.com), there is a possibility the import process gets killed and you won’t get all of your data. You can either a) request a refund or b) contact me and I’ll create a WXR file for you that will contain all of your data. You’ll then import this file via ‘Tools’, ‘Import’, ‘WordPress’
  • This importer does not import your images from Weebly. You’ll have to do this manually by using this free plugin.