3D Carousel

  • Real 3D using CSS3 3D Transforms
  • 3D Carousel will be shown on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS and Android
  • A grid style fallback will be displayed for IE8, IE9 and IE10 (see screenshot below or test the preview in IE view a live preview of the grid fallback)

Touch Swipe, Smartphones

The carousel is supported on iOS and Android and includes touch swipe functionality. It looks great on a tablet and will even work on a smartphone. But because the carousel can appear small on smaller screens, two special options for smartphones are included:

  • Option to display a thumbnail grid instead (the “fallback” presentation)
  • Option to transform the grid fallback into a responsive layout. View either preview from your phone for an example.

Customizable Options Include

  • Choose to “auto spin” the carousel.
  • Toggle the initial “zoom/spin” animation on and off
  • Toggle the HTML5 Canvas “shine” hover effect on and off
  • Choose to use image reflections and set reflection transparency
  • Customize the 3D values shown in the previews
  • Set the autoplay speed as well as the mouse interaction speed
  • Item captions are optional
  • Choose to auto-show item captions
  • Hyperlinking an entire item or use hyperlinks in your captions

Special Notes

  • CSS3 3D is still considered experimental technology by the major browsers. The settings that can be adjusted in the preview shown here demonstrate the different looks you can create. But if you wish to create a look that can’t be recreated in the preview (i.e. have a carousel with 100 items, etc.), please keep in mind that we’re bound by the technology’s limitations, and that there is no guarantee the particular settings you wish to use will allow for a smooth carousel experience.
  • Although IE10+ support some parts of CSS3 3D, important parts that are needed for the carousel to work are not supported (specifically, transform-style: preserve-3d;). When IE10+ adds support for this I’ll update the carousel. Until then all versions of IE, including IE10 will display the fallback grid.
  • The preview shown here on CodeCanyon with all the carousel controls is not included with the download source.
  • Images used in the preview are for demonstration purpose only and are not included in the download source.
  • Icons courtesy of Navdeep Raj