Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder

Important! After latest update of Facebook Platfrom Policy from August 8th 2014 Fan Gating is official not allowed and turned off as possible function – Fan Gate function will not work any more.

Easy Facebook Fanpage Builder gives you the ability easy and fast to create custom Facebook Fan Page Tabs linked directly to your current WordPress site. If you can create something in WordPress, you can now do it in Facebook with Easy Facebook Fanpage Builder for WordPress.

Latest version 1.2.8 From August 27 2014 with fixed support for latest WordPress versions and Facebook API 2.0. Please read documentation for important update information before you update from previous versions.

Version 1.2.7 from February 18, 2014 with added mobile support to Facebook Applications (mobile support is in development mode and may produce unexpected results – use it on your responsibility) and WooCommerce 2.1 support.

Latest version of Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder is compatible with WordPress 3.8 and WooCommerce 2.1.

Previous version 1.2.5 from December 5, 2013 with new features: WooCommerce products display in your fan page with add to cart, Facebook Social Plugins shortcodes (full change log can be seen at the end of page).

A new feature of Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder is available: Easy Facebook Contests provided from separate plugin.

Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder demonstration

Why I need such plugin?

  • Facebook can make your brand go viral.
  • Easy access to thousands of new potential customers.
  • Drives Traffic to Your Website.
  • Improves your SEO.
  • Create strengthens customer relations.
  • Create amazing promo campaigns and attract new fans.
  • Easy promote your special deals, products, services, events.
  • Share Gate – a quick way to make your page popular (new from version 1.1)
  • Facebook Sweepstakes – one of easiest ways to increase number of fans or your mailing list with potential new customers.
  • Facebook Application Manager – allows you to manage unlimited applications and fan tabs from one WordPress installation (new from version 1.2.2)
  • Facebook Contests – allows you easy to run unlimited number of Facebook Contests. This function is provided from Easy Facebook Contest plugin which you need to purchase separately.
  • WooCommerce product display – easy way to promote your products with option to add to cart in your fan page and purchase from your current store.
  • Facebook Social Plugins to promote your site
  • Support for mobile devices (in development – use it on your responsibility)


  • Easy integrate into your current WordPress site and start delivering content
  • Create Unlimited Facebook Fan Pages
  • Create Fan Pages quickly with easy to use Page Builder
  • Works with your 3rd Party Plugin your have installed
  • Create amazing pages with advanced design options
  • Share Gate – display specific content only when users share your page
  • Integrate Facebook comments, send and like with easy to use shortcodes
  • Facebook Sweepstakes and Giveaways
  • Facebook Application Manager
  • Facebook Social Plugins  – Like Button, Send Button, Share Button, Follow Button, Embedded Post
  • WooCommerce products display
  • Mobile support

WooCommerce integration

With version 1.2.5 you can use shortcodes to present your products into your Facebook Fan Page. You can display:

  • Recent Products
  • Sale Products
  • Best Selling Products
  • Featured Products
  • Single Product Information
  • Products from specific category

You will have add to cart button which is connected with your current store and when user wants to purchase product he can added it to cart in Facebook Fan Page and it will automatically appear in his cart in your store where he will be able to make actual purchase.

Please note that this is not full implementation of social commerce solution which will integrate your current store into Facebook. Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder allows you to display products into your Facebook Fan Page with option to Add To Cart or display single product page with option Add To Cart. When you display list of products and user wants to see detailed information he will be redirected to your actual store (opens in new window). To make actual purchase you need to place link which will redirect users to cart page on your site where he will be able to checkout.

Mobile support for applications

Mobile support is experimental function – it is not fully tested with all mobile devices and browsers and may not work in some situations. If you found any bug please report it and it will be fixed as soon as possible. Please use test address to take a look of it before actually use it. Since version 1.2.6 Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder has option to load applications on mobile devices. You are able to share access for mobile devices with like gate option. This will allow you to reach more users. When you are using this option users will be redirected to your site and content is delivered from there. You can test it on this address: https://apps.facebook.com/easywpfanpage_builde

Advantages of running Sweepstake promotions

Facebook users love sweepstakes, because they get a chance to win something with almost no efforts. Sweepstakes are one of the best ways to increase Facebook page engagement, spread the word about your brand, and grow your fan base or mailing list substantially. Combining sweepstakes with other marketing tools like fan gate and share gate can increase your fan base very quick.

Pro’s of using a Sweepstakes:

  • Low barrier to entry (simple form completion)
  • Can work for a wide variety of industries
  • Easy receive key user information, important for future marketing such as e-mail or location

With Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder you can easy ranSweepstakes with only a few clicks. For full review of features please refer to documentation link at the bottom of this info.


Please see the Easy Facebook Fanpage Builder Documentation to preview all of the features and read for special requirements that plugin require to work. If your current hosting does not meet requirements but you still wish to use plugin please see this tutorial how you can open another free hosting account just for your Facebook fan pages (without affecting your current site work).